this is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

so many fake reviews on amazon

trumptweet this high school dropout brought in $18 million last year selling on amazon

when you've decided on an item to sell, use the ebay advanced search tool to discover how much similar items have been selling for lately. you can search for whatever you want to sell and tick the 'completed listings' box to see heaps of similar items and the prices they sold for. note that high postage fees can put some sellers off, so we'd recommend adding the cost to the price of the product itself so you can offer free postage. this will give your items a "free postage" tag in the search results. and since buyers can filter out items that don't offer free postage, your products will be seen by way more users.

How much does a content reviewer at Amazon earn in USA

how to deal with the lack of labelled reviews datasets? how to recognize a set of linguistic features from spam reviews?