light vs. custom light strings on my takamine cp7mo tt

takamine cp7mo tt bridge

i’ve owned this lovely guitar since february 2017 – seems like only a few months ago that i bought it. i guess the past two years have been a bit of a black hole for many of us. i was really excited to get this instrument – it’s one of the relatively few takamine models with the 45mm (1-3/4″) nut that is relatively affordable, priced at around us$2,000 at time of writing. since the bluegrass series was discontinued, these wider-nut guitars have been largely restricted to the very top of the pro series and limited edition guitars such as the ef75m tt, ef7m-ls etc. i like to play a combination of strumming and fingerstyle, so this combination of features: om body style, thermal spruce top with ovangkol back and sides (a variation on rosewood), and 45mm nut is ideal.

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