GLB Productions dot com is the website of Bruno Goh Luse, Singapore-based Live Sound Engineer and Educator.

Bruno has been a live sound engineer since 2002 and has a passion for clean, accurate reinforcement of the original sound. The son of two classical musicians, he grew up attending symphony and chamber music concerts and developed a deep appreciation for the dynamic range and tonal nuance inherent to these performances. He seeks to bring the same qualities to any sound reinforcement system he operates or designs and is comfortable with the most diverse musical genres, from Mozart to Metallica and Bach to Boyzone. His ability to read music is invaluable when it comes to reinforcement of classical or sacred music.

Bruno has been training live sound engineers since 2005 and has worked with students of all ages, from children as young as seven years old to adults in their sixties. He is a qualified classroom teacher, having earned his Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education in Singapore, and seeks to bring a wide variety of pedagogical tools to the planning and execution of his training sessions, from problem based learning to differentiated instruction and backwards design. He has trained students across the educational spectrum, from primary schools to universities, and supports his classes with appropriate instructional materials in the form of handouts, worksheets, instructional videos and visual aids. He understands the need to appeal to all styles of learning and to customise his training for the class at hand.

The YouTube channel GLB Productions has been Bruno’s online teaching platform since 2011. It is one of the very few YouTube channels that focuses on the art and science of live sound reinforcement and to date has over one hundred thousand subscribers and nineteen million video views. Through his videos Bruno seeks to help and educate live sound engineers all over the world, especially those who may not have ready access to other means of developing their craft. The videos are completely free and Bruno is able to give personal attention to every question he receives. He loves helping people get good sound!

Bruno Goh Luse
November 2023