Alyssa from the Cauliflowers giving it her all

This was taken in November 2023 at a Singapore Management University (SMU) student band event. The stage was in a large covered atrium area (the ground floor of Connexion, if you’re local) and it was really quite hot that night. This is one of the best images that I got from the event – I love the ‘moment in time’ quality of this picture, with her head thrown back and her hair gloriously bluelit by one of the on-stage moving lights, with each strand doing its own thing.

The lens used was my Canon EF 135mm F/2, an almost 30-year old design from the film era that just keeps on delivering. I call it my ‘magic light pipe’ because of its ability to perform in these relatively dark situations and achieve these sharp and detailed images even when shot wide open. The lens is not stabilized, so you need to keep your shutter speed around 1/200th of a second – any lower and you risk camera shake. The new RF version of this lens IS stabilized, but is also much more expensive, so I’ll keep running my old school glass for the time being.

Canon EOS R8, Canon EF 135mm F/2.

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