jim dunlop

mxr m81 bass preamp: first impressions and an adventure in going direct.

since taking up bass guitar in 2000, i can trace a gradual evolution in my attitude towards the bass amp. in the beginning, i saw it as an integral part of my tone, and was reluctant to even connect to the pa system, believing that bass and drums should come directly from the stage. during this period i had some fairly massive bass rigs, including a gallien kreuger 700rb-ii 2×10 combo which was 700 watts and about 30 kilos/66 lbs, and a truly spectacular preamp/power amp/cabinet combination consisting of an acme low b4, an swr grand prix and a crown ce1000 running in bridge mode for 1,100 watts. in hindsight, this was a time when i didn’t know what i didn’t know.

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