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  1. Hi Bruno,
    Thanks for all your hard work and videos posted. I have questions about setting up my Yamaha MGP16X with the following equipment:
    1. Ev ETX-35P (power speaker)
    2. dbx AFS2 (Feedback Suppression) with two channels.
    3. Two Sennheiser e 945 microphones.
    I have tried setting/hooking this up based on procedures suggested by manufacturers for these devices, but I don’t think I made it to properly optimized performance so far. So I need your help on this, and please guide me through the setup.
    Thanks in advance!
    Steven Doan

  2. Hi Bruno ,
    Thankyou for your attention to detail and concise training package I had a MG16XU
    And recently upgraded to a MG20XU to get those extra channels. Definitely worth the money. Previously I was as you have quoted “ do I turn down the Mariachi band , nooo” I used a 8 channel sub mix. Again your training was instrumental to my understanding.
    The MG20 despite being a comparatively modest investment delivers.
    My first outing with the MG 20 was a complete success , very much contributed to by your tutorials. Last night the Yamaha performed faultlessly. It’s ease of use very much helping.
    Dave J

  3. Hi Bruno , these is a Santosh , thanks for giving such good tutorial i always see your videos ,
    I have one question on Yamaha mg20xu mixer that how can I send reverb in stage monitor , please explain

    1. Hello Santosh, thanks for watching 🙂 On this particular model the onboard FX cannot be routed to the aux sends. If you need reverb in the monitors you will need to use an external FX unit.

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