“Get in Touch” page updated

The “get in touch” page has been renamed “contact” and updated to remove old Google+ contact info, as well as make it easier to find my email address. I’m always happy to hear from viewers as well as those interested in arranging training in Singapore.

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  1. How do I run my qsc plx3602 amp in bridge mode with 2 jbl mp418s subwoofers using speakon nl4 connectors? Do I need to make adjustments to the posts on my speakon connectors? I’m also using the dbx driverack px speaker optimizer. Or should I just run my amplifier in stereo mode and use both channels independently?

  2. Hi i got a question my grand dad gave me two passive top speakers and a amp an two bass bins. How do i connect it up si that the bass bins both run properly without a mixer?

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