Last Friday Nite @ SMU

I recently covered a student music event at Singapore Management University entitled Last Friday Nite. There were eight student bands playing over the course of the evening, and all of them brought their A-game. Everyone had a great time, although it was incredibly hot. This is one of the definitive images from the night.

The Lead Singer of the band “Cauliflowers” giving it her all.

It has always struck me that images like this one exist for only a split second as captured by the camera, and that nobody actually sees them until after the event when they are lovingly extracted from amongst the hundreds of images shot on the night. I guess that is why video will never replace photography – they are both essential storytelling tools, one emphasizing the viewer’s passage through time, the other focusing on that one moment, forever frozen in immortality.

So well done Alyssa, you picked up the planet and slammed it into the crowd!

More images from #LastFridaynight2023 can be seen on my Instagram page.

Shure Beta58a added to Amazon links section.

In June of 2018, I uploaded a video comparing the legendary Shure SM58 vocal microphone to its much more modern cousin, the Beta58a. When the Beta series launched in 1989, Shure knew better than to discontinue their iconic vocal microphone, and both remain in production today. With a supercardioid polar pattern, hardened steel grille and updated colour scheme, the Beta58a has several significant upgrades over the SM58, but is also some 60% more expensive, no doubt a significant factor that has prevented it from repeating the worldwide success of its stablemate.

For some reason the microphone was never included in the microphone section of my Amazon store, something has I have now rectified. You can also purchase the microphone directly on Amazon here. As always, thanks for your support!