Neutrik NL4FC 4-Pole SpeakON Cable Connector

This is the current version of the connector shown in the “How to wire Neutrik SpeakON Connectors” video. SpeakON (or speakon) connectors are the current industry standard in loudspeaker connectors for pro audio. Much more robust than quarter-inch plugs, banana plugs or bare wire, they are also far safer, having no exposed contacts which could cause electrocution or short-circuits. Available in 2-pole or 4-pole configurations. Imitations abound – DO NOT USE THEM! These are mission-critical connectors – having just one of them fail will silence a significant part of your sound system. Unlike XLR connectors, which are produced by a number of reputable companies, the only genuine speakon connectors come from Neutrik.

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