figure, receding.

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i love liminal spaces. those in-between, transitional spaces that exist and yet do not exist. the places in between places, that people move through to get to where they are going. the places where people do not tarry, because they believe that the temporary should not become the permanent, that the destination is more important than the journey. nothing to see here, move along. this isn’t the space you’ve been looking for.

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android 3.0 kazakhstan. the website and app is obviously aware of the location of this login but it did not warn me about it. how is it possible that there's a fake host account on airbnb?? the photo is clearly fake. aren't they supposed to verify everyone for the safety of all airbnb users? this host account seems newly created.

the law allows a person to claim their social security retirement benefits early, that is before they reach their full retirement age. you can file a claim to begin receiving your soc. sec. retirement benefits as early as age 62, but doing so will permanently forfeit a large portion of the amount you would receive in monthly benefits if you waited until your full retirement age to claim benefits. beginning in 1955, two months were added to the fra every year until 1960, when those born that year and after will have their fra set at 67.

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‍ this means that it's important to not rely on outdated strategies. if you follow strategies you found from previous years, you might end up breaking amazon's rules. and if you break amazon's rules, this can result in your account getting shut down permanently.

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