Yamaha MG10XUF vs. Mackie ProFX8v2 | FSB #7

Prompted by a viewer who asked me about the differences between the Yamaha MG10XUF and the Mackie ProFX8v2. These mixers look very similar but that belies a whole host of important differences.

In this video I compare the following attributes of these mixers:

02:18 Price
03:09 Release date
04:29 Number of input channels
07:50 Input channel configuration
12:05 EQ section
12:51 Number of aux sends
15:29 ON vs. MUTE switches
16:57 Pre-Fade Listen (PFL) function
18:34 Onboard graphic EQ (Mackie only)
19:18 Onboard effects (FX) processor
20:40 USB Audio Interface
23:27 Studio Monitor Output (Yamaha Only) 25:29 Internal vs. External power supply
27:26 Aesthetics and Ergonomics

This purpose of this video is not to give a comprehensive overview/review of either of these mixers, but rather to educate end users about how to systematically analyse the differences between two apparently similar pieces of equipment. The aim of this being to avoid any nasty surprises after purchase!