Amazon links page updated: Whirlwind pcDI

Whirlwind pcDI

The Amazon links (DI Boxes) page has been updated to include the Whirlwind pcDI. This is long overdue considering that it was featured in a video posted way back in 2012! It still looks very much like the original, but with minor updates to add 1/4″ connectors and remove the RCA thru connectors. This is a still a great value for money tool that will get the job done, noise-free, night after night.

Radial SB-5 added to Amazon Links page

The Radial SB-5 multimedia DI box has been added to the Amazon Links page. This is a very compact passive stereo DI box that features a permanently attached minijack cable and balanced outputs on both XLR and quarter-inch. It’s small enough to fit into the front pocket of a laptop bag!

The quarter-inch outputs are stereo whereas the XLR output sums the signal to mono, often the best option in live sound situations where a significant part of the audience can only hear one side of the sound system.