Connectors page added to Amazon links section

The Amazon links section has been expanded to include a ‘connectors‘ page to list the various pro audio connectors that I recommend. To start off I have added the Neutrik SpeakON connector, covered in my video “How to wire Neutrik Speakon connectors”. These are, in my opinion, the only loudspeaker connectors that should be used for Pro Audio.

Old videos, New chapter marks!

Older videos are now easier to navigate!

Over the past month or so I’ve upgraded some of my more popular videos by adding chapter marks to the description so that they show up when you mouse over the timeline. This makes the videos much easier to navigate and also saves time when you want to jump to a particular section.

Quickly scan through the contents of a video.

A couple of the more popular ones that have been given this treatment are my Shure SM58 vs Beta58A and Taka-Mini vs. GS Mini videos. Hopefully this enhances the channel experience for everyone.

The pandemic has been keeping me very busy with video production work – I hope to be able to resume making YouTube videos towards the end of this year or early in 2021. Until then, I continue to respond to all comments on all videos, no matter how old they are. Stay safe everyone!

Amazon links page updated: Whirlwind pcDI

Whirlwind pcDI

The Amazon links (DI Boxes) page has been updated to include the Whirlwind pcDI. This is long overdue considering that it was featured in a video posted way back in 2012! It still looks very much like the original, but with minor updates to add 1/4″ connectors and remove the RCA thru connectors. This is a still a great value for money tool that will get the job done, noise-free, night after night.

“From the Sounding Board” is back!

“From the Sounding Board” is the video series where I answer viewer questions on the channel. Started back in 2016, I originally tackled several questions in each episode. For the re-launch I have decided on a simpler format where I just answer one question in each episode. This will hopefully keep the episodes a bit shorter for those who prefer that, and will also make the episodes each to catalog and search. Enjoy!