Amazon links page updated: Whirlwind pcDI

Whirlwind pcDI

The Amazon links (DI Boxes) page has been updated to include the Whirlwind pcDI. This is long overdue considering that it was featured in a video posted way back in 2012! It still looks very much like the original, but with minor updates to add 1/4″ connectors and remove the RCA thru connectors. This is a still a great value for money tool that will get the job done, noise-free, night after night.

Radial SB-5 added to Amazon Links page

The Radial SB-5 multimedia DI box has been added to the Amazon Links page. This is a very compact passive stereo DI box that features a permanently attached minijack cable and balanced outputs on both XLR and quarter-inch. It’s small enough to fit into the front pocket of a laptop bag!

The quarter-inch outputs are stereo whereas the XLR output sums the signal to mono, often the best option in live sound situations where a significant part of the audience can only hear one side of the sound system.

DI Box Amazon link page updated.

The Radial JDI stereo has been added to the Amazon Links->DI boxes page. I recently purchased this DI mainly for use on keyboards where the highest possible quality is needed. What can I say, it’s a Radial, it rocks!

Check out this page if you haven’t done so before – it contains a mini-review of each DI box as well as the Amazon link. I own and use all of the DI boxes listed, no junk here!

“From the Sounding Board” is back!

“From the Sounding Board” is the video series where I answer viewer questions on the channel. Started back in 2016, I originally tackled several questions in each episode. For the re-launch I have decided on a simpler format where I just answer one question in each episode. This will hopefully keep the episodes a bit shorter for those who prefer that, and will also make the episodes each to catalog and search. Enjoy!

Relocation of Amazon Store Links

On the 27th of October this year Amazon will retire the Amazon Store feature. This is a bit of a blow for me given that my AStore was only set up in March, but that’s how these things go. As such I’ll be moving the product links and content to a new set of pages on this website. The first category, microphones and accessories, is already up here. I’ll be moving the other categories over progressively in the next 10 days.

As always, please consider using these links when doing your musical instrument/pro audio shopping as it helps support my creative endeavours on YouTube as well as this website. Thanks and see you online!