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as a live sound engineer i’ve encountered and used all sorts of amplification systems for acoustic instruments, from powered pa speakers to roland keyboard amps to various dedicated ‘acoustic’ amplifiers. when i first started out in the early 2000s these usually resembled electric guitar amplifiers, but with fullrange drivers, perhaps a tweeter or two and a control panel that included a microphone input. typical of these was the marshall as50d, which was good and loud but definitely on the heavy side at 16 kilos/35 pounds. as time has gone by, live sound equipment and instrument amplifiers have both become more compact and lighter in weight, and in may 2022 i decided to purchase a blackstar sonnet 60 to see what the state of the art was.

blackstar sonnet 60 (

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it's best to master one reselling platform at a time. i was exclusively reselling on poshmark for over a year before i added mercari to the mix. i wanted to learn as much as i could about reselling and poshmark before adding on other platforms. growing slowly and surely helped me avoid making more mistakes than what was necessary, and as a result, i was able to retain repeat customers, create attractive listings, and grow at a pace that was comfortable for me. i would argue that most reselling platforms require consistent listing if you want to make consistent sales.

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