Replacing the earpads on my Beyerdynamic DT770s

When doing live sound my headphones of choice have long been the Beyerdynamic DT770s. These closed-back built-like-a-tank cans have a brutally honest sound that hides nothing and flatters nobody. If there a problem, you’ll hear it on these! The earcups are big and comfy and the headband pressure is just perfect for all-day wear and the constant on-off convenience that live sound engineers require. And these cans are built to LAST – my first pair is now well over ten years old and has shown only cosmetic wear and tear – the drivers have been rock solid, as have all the connections and internal wiring. These headphones are a great example of old-world craftsmanship and are very rare in today’s world of throw-away plastic electronics. In keeping with this they are designed to be fully serviceable, with all parts able to be replaced as they wear out. My 770s have gone through two pairs of earpads and one headband pad in their long life.

Replacing the earpads is a relatively straight forward process and Beyer provide comprehensive instructions with every set of replacement pads. The pads themselves are thick velour with a perforated vinyl backing and are available in either the original silver or stealth black.

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