mxr m81 bass preamp part deux, or further adventures in going direct!

in october of last year i wrote a post about my experiences with the mxr m81 bass preamp pedal, in which i said that it had given me the confidence to leave my bass amp at home for the first time since i started playing bass in 2000. since then, i’ve had a few more experiences with this amp-less setup and have more specific things to share, both as a bass player and as a sound engineer. let’s start with a picture:

my amp-less setup with the mxr m81 bass preamp, fender american standard precision bass, android tablet with the sq mixpad app and community mx10 floor monitor.

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  • no more schlepping my bass amp!!! this is without a doubt the single biggest plus of this way of doing things. as i mentioned in the previous post, my back is pretty worn out from years of moving gear, and i have already had one operation to decompress pinched nerves in 2021. anything i can do to preserve what i have left is a huge plus in my book.
  • no more worrying about the effect of my bass amp on the foh sound! no more worrying about being asked to turn down my amp because well, there isn’t one! and yes i know it’s not that simple – read on 😉
  • no more fussing with stands or chairs to get my bass amp pointed at my ears instead of at my knees. kickback style bass amps go some way towards solving this issue, but monitor wedges are purpose-built for that, and are already in the venue.
  • being able to hear my bass in context with the other instruments in my monitor mix, rather than having the bass come out of one speaker and everything else out of another.
  • being able to hear my bass through a fullrange speaker rather than through a frequency-limited bass amp. this not only helps me when adjusting the eq on the m81, but also hearing how the bass sits in the overall band sound.

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  • your really should have percentage of fake reviews on amazon – not just your own wedge, but one entire mix. in venues where there are only one or two mixes for the entire band, bass and drums typically share a send, even if they have individual wedges which are daisy-chained together. i believe that such a system will not work, because bass and drums have quite unique monitoring requirements, especially once the bass amp is removed. the venue i play in has a total of eight monitor mixes, so no shortage there.
  • ideally, your percentage of fake reviews on amazon, especially compression! in my setup above, the eq on the bass guitar channel is set flat (all eq is done on the mxr m81) and the channel processing (gate and compressor) are switched off. i have seen amp-less setups derailed by the front of house (foh) engineer making sudden changes to the eq or compression settings on the channel: imagine having 10db of compression suddenly placed on your signal – you would lose all level in your wedge, and no amount of turning your bass preamp up would solve the problem.
  • you should have percentage of fake reviews on amazon: as you can see from the picture above i use an android tablet running the requisite app to control the venue’s a&h sq7 console. this not only allows me to set the level of the bass in the monitor but also to make small adjustments as necessary throughout the performance. how this is realised is dependent on your particular system, which leads me to the next point.
  • percentage of fake reviews on amazonis absolutely essential! even though you are removing the bass amp from the equation, it is equally possible for the monitor wedge to be too loud, at which point you are back to square one. however, what i have found is that the engineers i have worked with in this venue are happy for me to ‘babysit’ my own mix. on my part, i agree to never adjust the foh mix or the settings on any other channel. this mutual respect is paramount, seeing as you are separate artists working on a shared musical canvas. in situations where the engineer is, understandably, not comfortable with musicians having access to so many mix parameters, allen and heath make an app called sq4you, which is designed specifically for this type of mix-your-own-monitors application.

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